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Ho, J.C. (author)
The rise of sea level increases the risk of coastal flooding by increasing the probability of occurrence of flood event at a given height. The essence of coastal planning and management in the future relies on an accurate coastal flood risk assessment with regards to sea level rise. Through the set up of flood risk assessment model in Geographic...
master thesis 2009
Hillen, M.M. (author)
Vietnam experienced sustained economic growth over the last decades, making it one of the fastest growing economies of the world. At this moment Vietnam is still fighting its way out of poverty and trying to improve living standards. With a coastline of 3,260 kilometers many activities take place in the densely populated coastal areas. The...
master thesis 2008
Nai, J.Y. (author)
The Huangpu River meanders through downtown Shanghai City and links China's third largest Lake with the Yangtze River estuary. Typhoons passing Shanghai from June to October annually are the main trigger for flooding of the Huangpu River. When storm surges due to a tropical cyclone meet the local astronomical tide, the water levels in the river...
master thesis 2003