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Tabakovic, A. (author), Schlangen, E. (author)
This paper presents a unique self-healing system for asphalt pavement which employs compartmented calcium-alginate fibres encapsulating an asphalt binder healing agent (rejuvenator). This system presents a novel method of incorporating rejuvenators into asphalt pavement mixtures. The compartmented fibres are used to distribute the rejuvenator...
conference paper 2018
Versteylen, C.D. (author)
Advances in self-healing creep steels are driven by the understanding of its mechanism. Previous work on self-healing creep metals has shown selective precipitation inside the creep cavities, which has a beneficial effect on the creep lifetime. This effect occurswhen a solute supersaturation exists at the creep temperature. In the case of self...
doctoral thesis 2018
Gomarasca, Silvia (author)
master thesis 2018