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Kuik, D.J. (author)
In this thesis the transition to turbulence in pipe flow is investigated. At low Reynolds numbers, the flow returns to the laminar state spontaneously. At high Reynolds number a small perturbation causes the flow to suddenly become turbulent. In the intermediate regime localized turbulence is observed. This regime is investigated using...
doctoral thesis 2011
Trip, R. (author), Kuik, D.J. (author), Westerweel, J. (author), Poelma, C. (author)
The transitional regime of a sinusoidal pulsatile flow in a straight, rigid pipe is investigated using particle image velocimetry. The main aim is to investigate how the critical Reynolds number is affected by different pulsatile conditions, expressed as the Womersley number and the oscillatory Reynolds number. The transition occurs in the...
journal article 2012