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Van Dijk, N.P. (author), Yoon, G.H. (author), Van Keulen, F. (author), Langelaar, M. (author)
This contribution presents a novel and versatile approach to geometrically nonlinear topology optimization by combining the level-set method with the element connectivity parameterization method or ECP. The combined advantages of both methods open up the possibility to treat a wide range of optimization problems involving complex physical and/or...
journal article 2010
Van Dijk, N.P. (author)
This thesis aims at understanding and improving topology optimization techniques focusing on density-based level-set methods and geometrical nonlinearities. Central in this work are the numerical modeling of the mechanical response of a design and the consistency of the optimization process itself. Concerning the first topic, we investigate...
doctoral thesis 2012
Picelli, R. (author), Van Dijk, R. (author), Vicente, W.M. (author), Pavanello, R. (author), Langelaar, M. (author), Van Keuen, A. (author)
This paper presents an evolutionary topology optimization method for applications in design of completely submerged buoyant devices with design-dependent fluid pressure loading. This type of structures aid rig installations and pipeline transportation in all water depths in offshore structural engineering. The proposed optimization method seeks...
conference paper 2014