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Molenaar, L.S. (author)
We explore the foundations of quantum mechanics to see how the mathematics of QM was built. After that, we see what the EPR paradox is, why it was posed as a paradox and how it was solved.
bachelor thesis 2014
Molenaar, T.I. (author), Radenovic, N. (author)
The focus of the project was to create an Excel Ribbon for the spreadsheet analysis tool PerfectXL. The tool allows users to upload Excel workbooks, have them analyzed for risks, and download the analysis results. The Ribbon would allow users to upload Excel workbooks and retrieve the analysis results from within the Excel environment. First, a...
bachelor thesis 2016
Molenaar, Tobias (author)
In this report two Agent-Based Models, the Passenger Model and the Transfer Model, will be constructed and analyzed. The objective is to make a realistic model inspired by a cell-based model to simulate passenger flows on a train platform. We will start by studying the cell-based model and we will explain which aspects have been applied to our...
bachelor thesis 2017