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Mookhoek, S.D. (author)
Inspired by the current state-of-the-art and the progressing advancements in the field of self-healing materials, this thesis addresses several novel routes to advance the concept of liquid-based self-healing polymer systems. This thesis presents the concept and characterisation of a one-component solvent-based healing mechanism for...
doctoral thesis 2010
De Belie, N. (author), Du Prez, F. (author), Terryn, H. (author), Wallaeys, B. (author)
Abstract only.
conference paper 2013
Šavija, B. (author), Feiteira, J. (author), Araújo, M. (author), Chatrabhuti, S. (author), Raquez, JM (author), van Tittelboom, K (author), Gruyaert, Elke (author), de Belie, N (author), Schlangen, E. (author)
Polymeric capsules can have an advantage over glass capsules used up to now as proof-of-concept carriers in self-healing concrete. They allow easier processing and afford the possibility to fine tune their mechanical properties. Out of the multiple requirements for capsules used in this context, the capability of rupturing when crossed by a...
journal article 2017