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Chandra Mouli, G.R. (author), Bauer, P. (author), Zeman, M. (author)
conference paper 2015
Shekhar, A. (author), Prasanth, V. (author), Bauer, P. (author), Bolech, M. (author)
The economic viability of on-road wireless charging of electric vehicles (EVs) strongly depends on the choice of the inductive power transfer (IPT) system configuration (static or dynamic charging), charging power level and the percentage of road coverage of dynamic charging. In this paper, a case study is carried out to determine the expected...
journal article 2016
Chandra Mouli, G.R. (author), Schijffelen, Jos H. (author), van den Heuvel, Mike (author), Kardolus, Menno (author), Bauer, P. (author)
Charging electric vehicles (EVs) from photovoltaic panels (PV) provides a sustainable future for transportation. This paper presents the development of a 10kW EV charger that can be powered from both a PV array and the three phase AC grid. The goal is to realize a high power density and high-efficiency three-port power converter that...
journal article 2018