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Botman, Willemijn (author)
The development of renewable energy applications has become increasingly important in the past couple of years due to a growing global energy demand and increasing consciousness of global warming. A recent development in renewable energy is the application of offshore floating solar systems. A prototype design for this application, as developed...
master thesis 2019
Botman, Paul (author), Gerritsma, Isabel (author), Laurens, Florian (author), Kievits, Servaas (author), Algufaili, Aisha (author), Albadi, Salima (author)
This paper is the result of the first collaboration project between Delft University of Technology and Sohar University. The project team consisted of 6 core- members from both Sohar University and TU Delft along with 5 more students, together appointed to help find an answer for a problem stated by Sohar Industrial Port Company and Majis...
student report 2018
Botman, F. (author)
Re-aprropriating Istanbul's waterfront
master thesis 2014