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Salciarini, D. (author), Castorino, G.C. (author), Cuomo, S. (author), Tamagnini, C. (author)
In this paper we present a modified version of an existing, physically-based model for shallow landslide susceptibility analysis over large area. In general, the potentially unstable soil cover is considered uniform and homogeneous, over impervious underlying bedrock. In several case studies, this was proven to be unrealistic. The possibility of...
conference paper 2015
Askarinejad, A. (author), Laue, J. (author), Iten, M. (author), Zweidler, A. (author), Bleiker, E. (author), Buschor, H. (author), Springman, S.M. (author)
A series of small scale physical modelling tests are performed in a geotechnical drum centrifuge in order to investigate the triggering mechanisms of landslides due to rainfall. They are conducted under controlled conditions of rainfall intensity and duration, ambient relative humidity, wind, and temperature. These tests have been designed to...
conference paper 2012