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Holten, D. (author), Cornelissen, B. (author), Van Wijk, J.J. (author)
One way of gaining understanding of a software system is the analysis of dynamic information, i.e., program execution traces. A problem regarding the analysis of such traces is the fact that these are often extremely large: hundreds of thousands and even millions of calls within a single trace are no exception. To aid a user in navigating and...
report 2007
Marin, M. (author), Van Deursen, A. (author), Moonen, L. (author)
Aspect mining is a reverse engineering process that aims at finding crosscutting concerns in existing systems. This paper proposes an aspect mining approach based on determining methods that are called from many different places, and hence have a high fan-in, which can be seen as a symptom of crosscutting functionality. The approach is semi...
report 2006