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Gonzalez, A. (author), Piel, E. (author), Gross, H.G. (author), Van Gemund, A.J.C. (author)
Runtime testing is emerging as the solution for the integration and assessment of highly dynamic, high availability software systems where traditional development-time integration testing cannot be performed. A prerequisite for runtime testing is the knowledge about to which extent the system can be tested safely while it is operational, i.e.,...
report 2010
Bozdag, E. (author), Van Deursen, A. (author)
Preprint of paper published in: AEWSE 2008 - Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Adaptation and Evolution in Web Systems Engineering, 16 July 2008 Even though the AJAX paradigm helps web applications to become more responsive, AJAX alone does not provide an efficient mechanism for real-time data delivery. Use cases of applications...
report 2008
Kalleberg, K.T. (author), Visser, E. (author)
Program transformation systems provide powerful analysis and transformation frameworks as well as concise languages for language processing, but instantiating them for every subject language is an arduous task, most often resulting in halfcompleted frontends. Compilers provide mature frontends with robust parsers and type checkers, but solving...
report 2007