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Luijten, B. (author), Visser, J. (author)
We performed an empirical study of the relation between technical quality of software products and the defect resolution performance of their maintainers. In particular, we tested the hypothesis that ratings for source code maintainability, as employed by the SIG quality model, are correlated with ratings for defect resolution speed. This study...
report 2010
Kats, L. (author), Kalleberg, K.T. (author), Visser, E. (author)
Preprint of paper published in: LDTA 2008: 8th Workshop on Language Descriptions, Tools and Applications, 5 April 2008 Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) increase productivity by providing a rich user interface and rapid feedback for a specific language. Creating an editor for a specific language is not a trivial undertaking, and is a...
report 2008
Van Deursen, A. (author), Visser, E. (author), Warmer, J. (author)
Software systems need to evolve, and systems built using model-driven approaches are no exception. What complicates model-driven engineering is that it requires multiple dimensions of evolution. In regular evolution, the modeling language is used to make the changes. In meta-model evolution, changes are required to the modeling notation. In...
report 2007