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Gonzalez-Sanchez, A. (author), Abreu, R. (author), Gross, H. (author), Van Gemund, A. (author)
In development processes with high code production rates testing typically triggers fault diagnosis to localize the detected failures. However, current test prioritization algorithms are tuned for failure detection rate rather than diagnostic information. Consequently, unnecessary diagnostic effort might be spent to localize the faults. We...
report 2010
Abreu, R. (author), Zoeteweij, P. (author), Van Gemund, A.J.C. (author)
Because of constraints imposed by the market, embedded software in consumer electronics is almost inevitably shipped with faults and the goal is just to reduce the inherent unreliability to an acceptable level before a product has to be released. Automatic fault diagnosis is a valuable tool to capture software faults without extra effort spent...
report 2006