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Van Antwerpen, H. (author), Néron, P. (author), Tolmach, A. (author), Visser, E. (author), Wachsmuth, G. (author)
In previous work, we introduced scope graphs as a formalism for describing program binding structure and performing name resolution in an AST-independent way. In this paper, we show how to use scope graphs to build static semantic analyzers. We use constraints extracted from the AST to specify facts about binding, typing, and initialization. We...
report 2015
Van Rest, O. (author), Wachsmuth, G.H. (author), Steel, J. (author), Süss, J.G. (author), Visser, E. (author)
This paper is a pre-print of: Oskar van Rest, Guido Wachsmuth, Jim Steel, Jörn Guy Süß, Eelco Visser. Robust Real-Time Synchronization between Textual and Graphical Editors. In Keith Duddy, Gerti Kappel, editors, Theory and Practice of Model Transformations, Sixth International Conference, ICMT 2013, Budapest, Hungary, June 18-19, 2013....
lecture notes 2013