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Zaidman, A.E. (author), Matthijssen, N. (author), Storey, M.A. (author), Van Deursen, A. (author)
Author's version of the work published in: Empirical Software Engineering (Springer), 18 (2), 2013; doi:10.1007/s10664-012-9200-5 Ajax-enabled web applications are a new breed of highly interactive, highly dynamic web applications. Although Ajax allows developers to create rich web applications, Ajax applications can be difficult to comprehend...
report 2012
Bezemer, C. (author), Zaidman, A. (author)
Multi-tenancy is a relatively new software architecture principle in the realm of the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. It allows to make full use of the economy of scale, as multiple customers "tenants" share the same application and database instance. All the while, the tenants enjoy a highly configurable application, making it...
report 2010
Zaidman, A. (author), Van Rompaey, B. (author), Demeyer, S. (author), Van Deursen, A. (author)
Engineering software systems is a multidisciplinary activity, whereby a number of artifacts must be created — and maintained — synchronously. In this paper we investigate whether production code and the accompanying tests co-evolve by exploring a project’s versioning system, code coverage reports and size-metrics. Three open source case studies...
report 2007