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't Hart, Pieter (author), Pruyn, J.F.J. (author), Ferrari, Felipe (author)
Many fuels are currently considered for reducing the emissions in shipping; Methanol, LNG, Ammonia, Nuclear, Biodiesel, etc. However, Bio-ethanol is not considered at all.This research looked into all aspects of ethanol in a comparison with its most closely related alternative methanol. Using a similar approach as found in earlier comparisons....
report 2023
Verbeek, Ruud (author), 't Hart, Pieter (author), Pruyn, J.F.J. (author), Bergsma, Jurrit (author)
A first exploration of potential fuels for the Dutch Maritime Sector that will allow the sector to achieve the energy transition goals of 2050. A first comparison on costs of the power plants and life time fuel is made. Including, accepting a mix of green and grey fuel sources. The output is of use for anyone in the sector interested in the...
report 2020