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van Wesenbeeck, B (author), Wolters, Guido (author), Antolínez, José A. Á. (author), Kalloe, S.A. (author), Hofland, B. (author), de Boer, W.P. (author), Çete, Ceylan (author), Bouma, Tjeerd J. (author)
Worldwide, communities are facing increasing flood risk, due to more frequent and intense hazards and rising exposure through more people living along coastlines and in flood plains. Nature-based Solutions (NbS), such as mangroves, and riparian forests, offer huge potential for adaptation and risk reduction. The capacity of trees and forests...
journal article 2022
Çete, Ceylan (author)
It is already acknowledged that Nature-based Solutions can be used to attenuate waves, however it is still uncertain to what extent the vegetation can contribute to decreasing the flood risk. So far mainly small-scale tests have been performed to quantify wave attenuating properties of vegetation. To quantify the effect of more extreme wave...
master thesis 2019
Çete, Ceylan (author), Haage, Samantha (author), Hardwarsing, Vishay (author), Kalloe, Sudarshini (author), Ma-Ajong, Alyssa (author)
The Weg naar Zee (WnZ) region of Suriname’s capital Paramaribo is dealing with coastal erosion. Images from the past 30 years have shown coastal retreats of up to 1.3 km. Mangrove forest used to be present in large numbers at the location. These forests enhance accretion, but due to different reasons, the number of mangroves has decreased...
student report 2018