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Coello, Carlos Coello (author), Krcek, M. (author), Durasevic, Marko (author), Mariot, L. (author), Jakobovic, Domagoj (author), Picek, S. (author)
Evolutionary algorithms have been successfully applied to attack Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs). CMA-ES is recognized as the most powerful option for a type of attack called the reliability attack. In this paper, we take a step back and systematically evaluate several metaheuristics for the challenge-response pair-based attack on...
conference paper 2023
Knezevic, Karlo (author), Jakobović, Domagoj (author), Picek, S. (author), Ðurasević, Marko (author)
The choice of activation functions can significantly impact the performance of neural networks. Due to an ever-increasing number of new activation functions being proposed in the literature, selecting the appropriate activation function becomes even more difficult. Consequently, many researchers approach this problem from a different angle, in...
journal article 2022