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Abbel, Robert (author), Galagan, Yulia (author), Groen, W.A. (author)
The production of electronic devices using solution based (“wet”) deposition technologies has some decisive technical and commercial advantages compared to competing approaches like vacuum based (“dry”) manufacturing. Particularly, the potential to scale up production processes to large areas and high volumes by introducing continuous roll-to...
review 2018
Abbel, Robert (author), de Vries, Ike (author), Langen, Arjan (author), Kirchner, Gerwin (author), t’Mannetje, Hero (author), Gorter, Harrie (author), Wilson, Joanne (author), Groen, W.A. (author)
The large volume production of flexible electronics by solution based roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing technologies is a promising upscaling strategy for the organic electronics industry. Typical optoelectronic devices like organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) consist of a complex stack of functional layers. Solution deposition of these...
journal article 2017