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Abrahams, Joël (author)
Quantum networks allow multiple devices to exchange information encoded within quantum systems.<br/>Such quantum networks use classical control messages to coordinate entanglement between nodes.<br/>Third parties which can forge such control messages may interfere with the workings of quantum links, however:<br/>They may either perform...
master thesis 2022
Abrahams, Joël (author), Andreadis, Georgios (author), Boone, Casper (author), Dekker, Florine (author)
Library developers are often unaware of how their library is used exactly in practice. When a library developer changes the internals of a library, this may unintentionally affect or even break the working of the library users' code. While it is possible to detect when a syntactic breaking change occurs, it is not as easy to detect semantic...
bachelor thesis 2018