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Abrahamse, Noor (author)
Hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water, powered by renewable energy, is seen as the key to enabling the energy transition and creating a new green economy. The result will be a trade market for low-carbon hydrogen where the trade routes will be determined by natural, technical, cost and geopolitical factors. However, to transport or store...
master thesis 2021
Holland, Bram (author), Abrahamse, Noor (author), van den Brekel, Evelien (author), van der Voort Maarschalk, Joost (author), Keunen, Oscar (author), Janssen, Pauline (author)
The goal of this study is to examine the feasibility of this solution, from a water quality and hydraulic point of view. Firstly, the current state of the three water bodies was investigated and a stakeholder analysis was conducted to look into the social and political context. Secondly, the effect of the solution on the water quality in the WL...
student report 2019