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Aiple, M. (author)
This thesis explores possibilities and constraints in performing dynamic tasks through teleoperated robots. Teleoperation is commonly used to execute tasks by a human operator guiding a robot remotely through means of a teleoperation system. The teleoperation system bidirectionally mirrors the motions and forces between a handle device held by...
doctoral thesis 2021
Aiple, M. (author), Smisek, J. (author), Schiele, A. (author)
Series elastic actuators (SEAs) are interesting for usage in harsh environments as they are more robust than rigid actuators. This paper shows how SEAs can be used in teleoperation to increase output velocity in dynamic tasks.<br/>A first experiment is presented that tested human ability to achieve higher hammerhead velocities with a flexible...
journal article 2018
Aiple, M. (author), Schiele, A. (author)
Variable stiffness actuators undergo lower peak force in contacts compared to their rigid counterparts, and are thus safer for human-robot interaction. Furthermore, they can store energy in their elastic element and can release it later to achieve human-like dynamic movements. However, it is not clear how to integrate them in teleoperator...
conference paper 2017