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Moazzami, M. (author), Akhavan-Safar, A. (author), Ayatollahi, M. R. (author), Poulis, J.A. (author), da Silva, L. F.M. (author), Teixeira De Freitas, S. (author)
Adhesive joints are frequently exposed to cyclic ageing conditions during their service life, which can have a substantial impact on the mechanical properties of both the adhesive and the substrates. The safe life philosophy, commonly employed in the design of bonded joints, underscores the importance of obtaining an accurate estimate of the...
journal article 2023
Moazzami, M. (author), Ayatollahi, M. R. (author), Akhavan-Safar, A. (author), Teixeira De Freitas, S. (author), Poulis, J.A. (author), da Silva, L. F.M. (author)
In some industrial applications, adhesive joints are cyclically exposed to a moist environment, where cyclic moisture absorption and desorption can significantly alter the fracture energy of the bonded joints. Most previous studies are based on monotonic aging conditions, while the performance of bonded joints under cyclic aging is not well...
journal article 2022