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Yang, W.W.W. (author), Radha, Boya (author), Choudhary, Adnan (author), You, Yi (author), Mettela, Gangaiah (author), Geim, Andre K. (author), Aksimentiev, Aleksei (author), Keerthi, Ashok (author), Dekker, C. (author)
2D nanoslit devices, where two crystals with atomically flat surfaces are separated by only a few nanometers, have attracted considerable attention because their tunable control over the confinement allows for the discovery of unusual transport behavior of gas, water, and ions. Here, the passage of double-stranded DNA molecules is studied...
journal article 2021
Restrepo Perez, L. (author), John, Shalini (author), Aksimentiev, Aleksei (author), Joo, C. (author), Dekker, C. (author)
Using nanopores for single-molecule sequencing of proteins – similar to nanopore-based sequencing of DNA – faces multiple challenges, including unfolding of the complex tertiary structure of the proteins and enforcing their unidirectional translocation through nanopores. Here, we combine molecular dynamics (MD) simulations with single-molecule...
journal article 2017