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Alberts, Gijs (author)
(standing) E-scooters are a promising mode of transport; the vehicles are electrically powered, light, and fit in the dense urban landscape. However, little is known about the impact of these vehicles that can be expected when introduced in the Netherlands. In this paper, effect estimations of e-scooters on travel behaviour and society are made,...
master thesis 2021
Alberts, Gijs (author), de Lange, Rikus (author), Luteijn, Anthonie (author), de Smet, Sanne (author), Terwindt, Josephine (author), Turhan, Ervan (author)
It has been determined that the plastic waste load in the Petanu river (Bali, Indonesia) can be as high as 2015.5 kg/day in the beginning of the rainy season. To restore the ecosystem and protect human livelihood this load should be reduced drastically. The enormous pollution rate is largely due to the massive amounts of mismanaged (plastic)...
student report 2020