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Albuquerque, João (author), Antolínez, José A. Á. (author), Méndez, Fernando J. (author), Coco, Giovanni (author)
Wave climatologies from historical and projected simulations of the ACCESS1.0, MIROC5 and CNRM-CM5 Global Circulation Models (GCM) were sourced from the Coordinated Ocean Wave Climate Project (COWCLIP) and downscaled using the SWAN wave model. Biases between GCM's historical simulations and a regional hindcast were assessed, and the two best...
journal article 2022
Albuquerque, João (author), Antolínez, Jose A.A. (author), Gorman, Richard M. (author), Méndez, Fernando J. (author), Coco, Giovanni (author)
A high resolution partitioned wave hindcast of New Zealand waters is presented together with validation results against 9 buoy deployments that are representative of the local wave climate. An analysis of integrated and partitioned mean wave parameters was conducted together with a study of the correlation between wave height anomalies and...
journal article 2021