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Thirolf, P. G. (author), Aldawood, S (author), Böhmer, M. (author), Bortfeldt, J. (author), Castelhano, I (author), Dedes, G. (author), Fiedler, F. (author), Gernhäuser, R. (author), van der Kolff, H.G. (author), Schaart, D.R. (author)
Compton camera prototype for a position-sensitive detection of prompt γ rays from proton-induced nuclear reactions is being developed in Garching. The detector system allows to track the Comptonscattered electrons. The camera consists of a monolithic LaBr<sub>3</sub>:Ce scintillation absorber crystal, read out by a multi-anode PMT, preceded...
conference paper 2016
Thirolf, P.G. (author), Lang, C. (author), Aldawood, S. (author), Van der Kolff, H.G. (author), Maier, L. (author), Schaart, D.R. (author), Parodi, K. (author)
Presently large efforts are conducted in Munich towards the development of proton beams for bio-medical applications, generated via the technique of particle acceleration from high-power, short-pulse lasers. While so far mostly offline diagnostics tools are used in this context, we aim at developing a reliable and accurate online range...
conference paper 2014