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Xiao, F. (author), Ligteringen, H. (author), Van Gulijk, C. (author), Ale, B. (author)
This paper describes a microscopic nautical traffic simulation model based on multi-agent system. The ship traffic is produced from the behavior of autonomous agents that represent ships. Especially, we look at the behaviors for collision avoidance in different encountering situations with different local environmental conditions. The behavior...
conference paper 2013
Ale, B. (author), Bellamy, L.J. (author), Cooke, R. (author), Duyvis, M. (author), Kurowicka, D. (author), Lin, P.H. (author), Morales, O. (author), Roelen, A. (author), Spouge, J. (author)
report 2008
Ale, B. (author)
public lecture 2003