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Vinard, N. (author), Drijkoningen, G.G. (author), Verschuur, D.J. (author), Alexandrov, D. (author), Eisner, Leo (author)
Retrieving accurate microseismic source locations induced by hydraulic-fracturing operations is an important step to gain insights into the hydraulically stimulated reservoir volume. Recently, deep neural networks have been proposed that directly recover source locations from the seismic waveforms. The optimal performance of the proposed deep...
journal article 2022
Alexandrov, D. (author), Van der Neut, J.R. (author), Bakulin, A. (author), Kashtan, B. (author)
We present a new redatuming workflow developed for improving the repeatability of seismic data and designed specifically to account for changes in the source signatures or variations in downgoing fields in general. The new approach is based on the virtual source method with the same potential for reducing nonrepeatability, associated with...
conference paper 2015
Van der Neut, J. (author), Bakulin, A. (author), Aramco, S. (author), Alexandrov, D. (author)
We present a novel inversion scheme for decomposing upgoing and downgoing wavefields from vertical particle velocity recordings in downhole arrays at multiple depth levels. Our method requires no knowledge of the subsurface medium parameters as the required operators are obtained directly from the data by direct-wave interferometry. As we...
journal article 2013