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Alexiou, Evangelos (author), Nehmé, Yana (author), Zerman, Emin (author), Viola, Irene (author), Lavoué, Guillaume (author), Ak, Ali (author), Smolic, Aljosa (author), Le Callet, Patrick (author), Cesar, Pablo (author)
Volumetric video (VV) is a novel form of video that allows recreation of real-world scenes in 3D with users consuming the content from any viewpoint they desire. This makes VV best suited for augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) applications. This freedom necessitates increased user interaction with the VV itself, which brings new...
book chapter 2023
Subramanyam, S. (author), Viola, Irene (author), Jansen, Jack (author), Alexiou, Evangelos (author), Hanjalic, A. (author), Cesar, Pablo (author)
Technological advances in head-mounted displays and novel real-time 3D acquisition and reconstruction solutions have fostered the development of 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) teleimmersive systems for social VR applications. Point clouds have emerged as a popular format for such applications, owing to their simplicity and versatility; yet,...
conference paper 2022