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Trajanovski, S. (author), Kuipers, F.A. (author), Hayel, Y. (author), Altman, E. (author), Van Mieghem, P. (author)
Forming, in a decentralized fashion, an optimal network topology while balancing multiple, possibly conflicting objectives like cost, high performance, security and resiliency to viruses is a challenging endeavor. In this paper, we take a game-formation approach to network design where each player, for instance an autonomous system in the...
conference paper 2015
Altman, E. (author)
The application of electromagnetic irradiation in form of microwaves (MW) has gathered the attention of the scientific community in recent years. MW used as an alternative energy source for chemical syntheses (microwave chemistry) can provide clear advantages over conventional heating methods in terms of reaction time, yield and selectivity....
doctoral thesis 2011