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Alvarez Mieles, M.G. (author)
Wetlands are among the most productive environments in the world. Around 6% of the Earth's land surface is covered by wetlands, which are key to preserving biodiversity. Wetlands provide multiple services like a source for water supply and a shelter for numerous species of fauna and flora. Wetlands are therefore of immense socio-economic as well...
doctoral thesis 2019
Alvarez Mieles, M.G. (author), Corzo, G. (author), Irvine, K. (author), Mynett, A.E. (author)
A central component of predictive ecology in wetlands is the analysis of species distribution as a function of their biotic and abiotic environment. This analysis is normally used by decision-makers in biodiversity conservation, species monitoring and environmental planning, among others. Habitat suitability modelling is a major component of the...
conference paper 2015