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Amieva Gomez, Ana Paula (author)
The Paraná Delta, a vital component of the La Plata river basin, is facing severe environmental degradation due to human activities and external pressures. This thesis explores the adaptive capacity of the deltaic system and stakeholders in the ‘Los Pájaros y sus Pueblos Libres’ reserve (LPPL), aiming to propose a strategy for sustainable...
student report 2023
Amieva Gomez, Ana Paula (author), Kanj, Tara (author), van der Bijl, Isa (author), Eapen, Ann (author), Engel, Claudia (author)
‘Down to Earth’ proposes regenerative soil as the foundation of an innovative bio-based region in South Holland, that connects society and economy on all scales while restoring ecological systems. Agricultural Practices that have heavily relied on tilling and the heavy use of chemical fertilizers has reduced the quality of the topsoil...
student report 2022