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Kokke, C.A. (author), Coutino, Mario (author), Heusdens, R. (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author), Anitori, L. (author)
Doppler velocity estimation in pulse-Doppler radar is done by evaluating the target returns of bursts of pulses. While this provides convenience and accuracy, it requires multiple pulses. In adaptive and cognitive radar systems, the ability to adapt on consecutive pulses, instead of bursts, brings potential performance benefits. Hence, with...
conference paper 2022
Anitori, L. (author)
In most modern high-resolution multi-channel radar systems one of the major problems to deal with is the huge amount of data to be acquired, processed and/or stored. But why do we need all these data? According to the well known Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, real signals have to be sampled at at least twice the signal bandwidth to prevent...
doctoral thesis 2012