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Arapakis, Takis (author)
In recent years, the need to reduce the global warming of the planet has become more imperative than ever. Global warming and, at local scale, Urban Heat Island phenomena are among the primary effects of the increased building carbon emissions. Nevertheless, understanding and controlling the parameters which intensify, or mitigate, the...
master thesis 2019
Arapakis, Takis (author), van Heerden, Natasja (author), Rodriguez-Mon Barrera, Guillermo (author), Wang, Qu (author), Wang, Xin (author)
3D computer models are starting to play a more and more important role in our society. Realworldsituations are often too complex to explain in a 2D map and also the interest in virtualreality, serious gaming and other technologies that can be based on 3D computer models, isgrowing.
student report 2018