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Tuinema, B.W. (author), Ebrahim Adabi, M. (author), Ayivor, P.K.S. (author), Garcia Suarez, V. (author), Liu, L. (author), Perilla Guerra, A.D. (author), Ahmad, Z. (author), Rueda, José L. (author), van der Meijden, M.A.M.M. (author), Palensky, P. (author)
Hydrogen as an energy carrier holds promising potential for future power systems. An excess of electrical power from renewables can be stored as hydrogen, which can be used at a later moment by industries, households or the transportation system. The stability of the power system could also benefit from electrolysers as these have the...
journal article 2020
Tuinema, B.W. (author), Ayivor, P.K.S. (author), Garcia Suarez, V. (author), Ebrahim Adabi, M. (author), Liu, L. (author), Rueda, José L. (author), Palensky, P. (author), van der Meijden, M.A.M.M. (author)
In the future energy system, hydrogen as an energy carrier will play a role of increasing importance. Electrical energy can be converted into hydrogen locally by electrolysers and stored for a relatively long period. Then, the hydrogen can be used by final consumers like the transportation system or industries, as conceptually illustrated in Fig...
conference paper 2019
Ayivor, P.K.S. (author), Rueda, José L. (author), van der Meijden, M.A.M.M. (author), van der Pluijm, R (author), Stouwie, B (author)
This paper provides an overview on implementing practical models of large scale electrolysers (>1MW) for real time digital simulation. The search for new sources of ancillary services has aroused considerable interest in the use of large scale electrolysers for power system ancillary services. As the number of large scale electrolysers is...
conference paper 2018