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Bobbink, I. (author), Rey Hernández, C.D.P. (author), Rivero Lamela, G. (author), Chouairi, A. (author), Di Nicola, C. (author), Gupta, T. (author), Naeema Ali, N. (author), Ayu Tri Prestasia, Ayu (author), Kim, B. (author), Surajaras, R. (author), Lin, M. (author), Zuñiga Blanco, M.J. (author)
Flowscapes studio - Circular Water Stories lab
book 2020
Ayu Tri Prestasia, Ayu (author)
The Volta Delta Region is facing not only the challenge of severe coastal erosion, but also to create a balance between the nature and the challenges brought by the urbanization. By these challenges, the project shows a possible future in developing a vulnerable area with an integrated landscape in a dynamic situation of delta region with...
master thesis 2018