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Azad, Hamza (author)
Rijkswaterstaat’s Storm Surge Barriers are expensive assets providing economic value with the expectation of future returns. The maintenance is executed by the asset management department, which aims at maximizing operability without sacrificing safety and reliability. However, regular maintenance becomes more stringent as circumstances change,...
master thesis 2022
Wei, L. (author), Azad, Hamza (author), Haije, W.G. (author), Grenman, L.O.H. (author), de Jong, W. (author)
Methanation is a potential large-scale option for CO<sub>2</sub> utilization, and it is one of the solutions for decreasing carbon emission and production of synthetic green fuels. However, the CO<sub>2</sub> conversion is limited by thermodynamics in conventional reaction conditions. However, around 100 % conversion can be obtained using...
journal article 2021