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Post, J.A.B. (author), Pothof, I.W.M. (author), Dirksen, J. (author), Baars, E. J. (author), Langeveld, J.G. (author), Clemens, F.H.L.R. (author)
Gully pots are essential assets designed to relief the downstream system by trapping solids and attached pollutants suspended in runoff. This study applied a methodology to develop a quantitative gully pot sedimentation and blockage model. To this end, sediment bed level time series from 300 gully pots, spanning 15 months, were collected. A...
journal article 2016
Dirksen, J. (author), Baars, E. (author), Langeveld, J.G. (author), Clemens, F.H.L.R. (author)
conference paper 2012