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Koca, Thimjo (author), Baarslag, Tim (author), Jonker, C.M. (author)
This work presents BIDS (Bidding using Diversied Search), an algorithm that can be used by negotiating agents to search very large outcome spaces. BIDS provides a balance between being rapid, accurate, diverse, and scalable search, allowing agents to search spaces with as many as 10250 possible outcomes on very run-of-the-mill hardware. We<br/...
conference paper 2022
Mell, Johnathan (author), Gratch, Jonathan (author), Aydoğan, Reyhan (author), Baarslag, Tim (author), Jonker, C.M. (author)
We present the results of the 2<sup>nd</sup> Annual Human-Agent League of the Automated Negotiating Agent Competition. Building on the success of the previous year's results, a new challenge was issued that focused exploring the likeability-success tradeoff in negotiations. By examining a series of repeated negotiations, actions may affect...
conference paper 2019