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Martens, Koen (author), van Beljouw, Sam P.B. (author), van der Els, Simon (author), Vink, J.N.A. (author), Baas, Sander (author), Vogelaar, George A. (author), Brouns, S.J.J. (author), van Baarlen, Peter (author), Kleerebezem, Michiel (author), Hohlbein, Johannes (author)
CRISPR-Cas9 is widely used in genomic editing, but the kinetics of target search and its relation to the cellular concentration of Cas9 have remained elusive. Effective target search requires constant screening of the protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) and a 30 ms upper limit for screening was recently found. To further quantify the rapid...
journal article 2019
Martens, Koen J.A. (author), Bader, Arjen N. (author), Baas, Sander (author), Rieger, B. (author), Hohlbein, Johannes (author)
We present a fast and model-free 2D and 3D single-molecule localization algorithm that allows more than 3 × 106 localizations per second to be calculated on a standard multi-core central processing unit with localization accuracies in line with the most accurate algorithms currently available. Our algorithm converts the region of interest around...
journal article 2018