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Balestrini, F.I. (author)
Seismic methods are widely used for the exploration of the Earth’s subsurface. While they allow higher resolution compared to other geophysical methods, their performance depends on site and geological characteristics, and the volume and type of recorded information. Additionally, data processing plays a critical role in the efficacy of the...
doctoral thesis 2023
Shirmohammadi, F. (author), Draganov, D.S. (author), Balestrini, F.I. (author), Ghose, R. (author)
Seismic interferometry (SI) is a method that retrieves new seismic traces from the cross-correlation of existing traces, where one of the receivers acts as a virtual seismic source whose response is retrieved at other receivers. When using sources only at the surface, and the so-called one-sided illumination of the receivers occurs, we will...
conference paper 2022
Balestrini, F.I. (author), Draganov, D.S. (author), Malehmir, Alireza (author), Marsden, Paul (author), Ghose, R. (author)
In mineral exploration, new methods to improve the delineation of ore deposits at depth are in demand. For this purpose, increasing the signal-to-noise ratio through suitable data processing is an important requirement. Seismic reflection methods have proven to be useful to image mineral deposits. However, in most hard rock environments,...
journal article 2020