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Bali, Meysam (author), Etemad-Shahidi, Amir (author), van Gent, M.R.A. (author)
Slope stability formulae for rubble mound structures are usually developed for head-on conditions. Often, the effects of oblique waves are neglected, mainly because it is assumed that for oblique wave attack, the reduction in damage compared to perpendicular wave attack is insignificant. When the incident waves are oblique, the required...
journal article 2023
Etemad-Shahidi, Amir (author), Bali, Meysam (author), van Gent, M.R.A. (author)
Toe design is an important task for coastal engineers as it ensures the stability of the main armor layer and prevents scour in front of the armor slope. Several laboratory experiments have been conducted to investigate the toe stability using different testing approaches, i.e. damage due to a single test condition and cumulative damage due...
journal article 2021