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Quaranta, Giuseppe (author), Ekaterinaris, John (author), Barakos, George (author), Filippone, Antonio (author), White, Mark (author), Anderson, David (author), Pavel, M.D. (author)
contribution to periodical 2022
Quaranta, Giuseppe (author), Pavel, M.D. (author), Barakos, George (author), White, Mark (author), Mulder, Max (author)
Helicopters are currently used in important applications providing a valuable contribution to society and economic growth. Thanks to their operational flexibility it is possible to accomplish increasingly complex missions. If the expansion of the usage of rotorcraft is to follow the pace of growth achieved by the fixed-wing public transport...
journal article 2018
Bakker, Richard (author), Visingardi, Antonio (author), van der Wall, Berend G. (author), Voutsinas, Spyros (author), Basset, Pierre-Marie (author), Campagnolo, Filippo (author), Pavel, M.D. (author), Barakos, George (author), White, Mark (author)
The effects of a wind turbine wake on General Aviation and the behaviour of helicopters in the tip vortex of large fixed-wing aircraft has been topic of research in the past years, but less is known about the interactions of helicopters operating in a wind turbine wake. A dedicated GARTEUR Action Group, HC-AG23, consisting of European...
conference paper 2018