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Streng, J.E. (author), Kana, A.A. (author), Verbaan, J.H. (author), Barendregt, I.P. (author), Hopman, J.J. (author)
In order to reduce fossil fuel consumption of the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) by 70% in 2050, the use of alternative fuels on the large naval surface vessels is examined. This paper examines the implications for the design and operational effectiveness of these vessels by performing two case studies of the Zeven Provinci¨en air defence and...
journal article 2022
de Vos, P. (author), Stapersma, D. (author), Versluijs, E (author), Barendregt, I.P. (author)
Design of a hybrid diesel-fuelled PEMFC system for application onboard naval ships is challenging for mul-tiple reasons. The fact that new technologies are used is only one of them. Less obvious, but also very challeng-ing is for instance choosing the ratio between installed battery capacity and fuel cell power. This ratio is a typi-cal design...
conference paper 2010