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Sheoratan, Sathyam (author), Henze, Ineke (author), de Vries, M.J. (author), Barendsen, Erik (author)
Design activities are gaining interest as rich contexts for learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. STEM teachers may find this challenging however, as designing requires support that they are not used to providing. In a subject like chemistry, teachers would have to balance creativity and responsibility for...
journal article 2023
Stammes, Hanna (author), Henze, Ineke (author), Barendsen, Erik (author), de Vries, M.J. (author)
Design-based learning is considered a powerful way to help students apply and develop understanding of science concepts, but research has shown that the success of this approach is not a given. Examining students' understanding of science concepts in various design-based learning contexts has thus continued to be an important field of research....
journal article 2022
Barendsen, Erik (author), Henze, Ineke (author)
Science teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) has been researched in many studies, yet little empirical evidence has been found to determine how this knowledge actually informs teachers’ actions in the classroom. To complement previous quantitative studies, there is a need for more qualitative studies to investigate the relationship...
journal article 2017