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Barile, Francesco (author), Draws, T.A. (author), Inel, Oana (author), Rieger, A. (author), Najafian, S. (author), Ebrahimi Fard, Amir (author), Hada, Rishav (author), Tintarev, N. (author)
Social choice aggregation strategies have been proposed as an explainable way to generate recommendations to groups of users. However, it is not trivial to determine the best strategy to apply for a specific group. Previous work highlighted that the performance of a group recommender system is affected by the internal diversity of the group...
journal article 2023
Najafian, S. (author), Draws, T.A. (author), Barile, Francesco (author), Tkalcic, Marko (author), Yang, J. (author), Tintarev, N. (author)
Recent research has shown that explanations serve as an important means to increase transparency in group recommendations while also increasing users' privacy concerns. However, it is currently unclear what personal and contextual factors affect users' privacy concerns about various types of personal information. This paper studies the effect...
conference paper 2021