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de Kluizenaar, Y (author), Roda, C. (author), Dijkstra, NE (author), Fossati, S (author), Mandin, C (author), Mihucz, VG (author), Hänninen, O (author), de Oliveira Fernandes, E (author), Silva, GV (author), Carrer, P (author), Bartzis, J (author), Bluyssen, P.M. (author)
Objectives Ocular discomfort is a prevalent health complaint in offices. It is hypothesized that, in addition to individual and occupational factors, the buildings' indoor environment may affect eye complaints. However, insight in potential building-related causal factors, needed to allow development of effective prevention strategies in...
journal article 2016
Dijkstra, N.E. (author), De Kluizenaar, Y. (author), Fossati, S. (author), Bluyssen, P.M. (author), De Oliveira Fernandes, E. (author), Silva, G.V. (author), Carrer, P. (author), Bartzis, J. (author)
conference paper 2014