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Baskaran, Pradeep (author), della Corte, B. (author), van Sluis, M. (author), Gangoli Rao, A. (author)
Boundary-layer ingestion (BLI) has been proposed as one of the novel airframe–engine integration technologies to reduce aircraft fuel consumption. The current numerical analysis involves the evaluation of the effect of fuselage design on the power consumption of a boundary-layer ingesting propulsor modeled as an actuator volume without...
journal article 2022
Baskaran, Pradeep (author)
Aircraft fuel efficiency, noise, and emissions are some of the most important aspects being addressed in the research of novel aircraft configurations for meeting the future requirements of the aviation industry. One concept which has the potential for improving the aircraft fuel efficiency is called the boundary layer ingestion (BLI)....
master thesis 2019