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Graas, Adriaan B.M. (author), Wagner, E.C. (author), van Leeuwen, Tristan (author), van Ommen, J.R. (author), Batenburg, K. Joost (author), Lucka, Felix (author), Portela, L. (author)
A new X-ray computed tomography technique for the purpose of imaging fluidized beds is presented. It consists of an experimental set-up with three stationary X-ray source and flat panel detector pairs, a geometric calibration and data processing workflow, and an image reconstruction algorithm. The technique enables sparse-angular tomographic...
journal article 2024
Zhong, Zhichao (author), Aveyard, R.A. (author), Rieger, B. (author), Bals, Sara (author), Palenstijn, Willem Jan (author), Batenburg, K. Joost (author)
HAADF-STEM tomography is a common technique for characterizing the three-dimensional morphology of nanomaterials. In conventional tomographic reconstruction algorithms, the image intensity is assumed to be a linear projection of a physical property of the specimen. However, this assumption of linearity is not completely valid due to the...
journal article 2018